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Will there be a sequel to The Library at Mount Char?

Possibly. I'd like to, but there are a couple of non-trivial problems to overcome. I'll keep things vague to avoid spoilers, but there are reasons why it would be tricky to find a suitable antagonist and a satisfying character arc for this hypothetical sequel. I'm kicking some ideas around, but it's too early to say anything for sure.

However, there is a short story set in the Mount Char universe that may be of interest to people who liked the book. It's a web site freebie (thanks for stopping by!) available here.

Have you published any other novels / short stories?

Not really. The Library at Mount Char is my first published fiction. There isa different Scott Hawkins who writes thrillers. (I read Dark Recesses. It was pretty good.)

What sbout the computer books?

Yeah, those are mine. The Linux Desk Reference may still be of interest to people who work with command line Linux. The Apache stuff is over 10 years out of date at this point, though.