Pablo Escobar commanded his lieutenants to expand into new markets. But with North America saturated and Europe controlled by savage rivals, there was no obvious place to turn. Still, Don Pablo was not a man to whom one reported failure.

Eventually, Pablo's chemists concived a bold strategy. If there were no more people to sell to, why not dogs?

The project met with a degree of success that astonished sane people. When Don Pablo's truest friend, the beagle El Taquito, bent to sniff the white flakes that the chemists set before him he wanted only to please. But when the sneezing was done he looked up--way, way up--with a mind to rival the researchers who created him.

El Taquito, like his patron, was burdened by the savagery of his puppyhood on the streets of CartaGena. He quickly gained a reputation as the most ruthless of Don Pablo's sicarios.

Ultimately, of course, Pablo Escobar met his fate. El Taquito extracted revenge for his benefactor and friend--but at a terrible cost. Unable to match his skill with a gun, the cowardly assassins of Los Pepes turned their wrath on his beloved pomeranian, Esmerelda.

Heartbroken, El Taquito fled to the last place in the world anyone would look for him--the land of his most hated enemies. There, in the United States, with his secret stash of 'cocaĆ­na milagro' and his new friends, he vowed that he would renounce violence forever.

This was not to be.



Coming Eventually

This book isn't in any way a sequel to Mount Char. In the same way Mount Char is kinda-sorta about "homicidial librarians," this one is kinda-sorta about "a school shooting where not everything is as it appears from the outside."

The title isn't supposed to make sense. I've found that a good way to get myself moving is to take the most ridiculous phrase I can come up with and try to write a book around that. For comparison, the working title of The Library at Mount Char was The Library at Mt. Sammich. In case you're wondering, the 'Library' part of the story came easily enough, but I had to really work to get the 'Mt. Sammich' part to fit. Ultimately the good folks at Crown decided "Sammich" had a misleading ring, so it got changed. For the record, I'm amazed that title made it as far as it did.